About us

Alkan Ind. Group is the first and leading industrial producer of organic and compound fertilizers in the country that established in 2000. Alkan is the major company in production and innovation of fortified organic fertilizers in the country that has produced Fertilizers matching special specification of the plants with the quality improvement point of view, quality control labs, soil and leaves research and study, nutrition needs and plants shortages. At the moment , Alkan has a significant part in producing and distributing of agricultural sectors such as organic, chemical and biological fertilizers in the country

. In 2013, with predefined prospects, Started a biologic Production line in Armenia. This company’s field of work is to produce biological toxins and fertilizers with up to date FAO technology and it successfully gained different science certifications form Agricultural University of Yerevan. Today, The biological products of Alkan are being used in CIS countries. Phospho Arm, Alkazot Plus, Phosphazot and biological toxins are the main products of this mill. In addition to fulfill the requirements of the country, Alkan , is working as the representative of Atlantica Agricola in Iran the company which is pioneer in agriculture sectors. It has been established in 1982 and has been working on agricultural products with Humic and Fulvic Acid basis with wide range of product